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  1. feels like there are plane issues every other day now.
  2. Some company brought 2 cybertrucks by work yesterday to show off. He told me that it's bad for the battery to stay charged more than 80% overnight. Said you should only charge above 80% if you're traveling and need the extra mileage. Also talked about charging while traveling. said it's not that long to wait and gives you time to look around and talk to people. thats about the last thing i want to do while traveling. I'm still not sold on that reason alone. Sounds like a GREAT place to get robbed.
  3. Vincennes Indiana. Was a 3hr drive from the house.
  4. I traveled yesterday to shoot the eclipse. There was an older couple there from NC in an EV. They said they had no problems other than the whole experience was just really stressful worrying about finding working chargers.
  5. starting indoor seeds this evening. I should add - our garden is just for us (family of 4). I'm not doing any sales or commercial type stuff.
  6. Heres the kicker... i don't care about going fast. I have too much to lose if going fast goes bad. I'm more interested in feel and sound. I've been in both. i still choose the gasser matter of fact, i'd take a pristine 2004ish cobra over any tesla lol
  7. I'd take that z06 any and every time over a truck
  8. so it's faster.... which are you gonna have more fun driving?
  9. They decided to fix all the bridges around my house adding about 10min to my drive going anywhere.
  10. Yeah that wouldn't work at my house either. We just grow everything inside until i know the cold is gone. We bought a few cheap pop up green houses from rural king. They're +- 2'x2'. Also got some cheap lights from amazon. It all works great. just have to make sure not to leave the lights on too much or they grow tall and thin. I also keep a fan blowing on them to help strengthen.
  11. I def have ALOT to learn. I kick myself for not paying more attention to my grandpa when he would try to teach me.
  12. I'll try to document our gardening this year a little better. We start all of our seeds inside minus a few cherry tomatoes that sprout up in the same spot yr after yr.
  13. Yeah i wouldn't start the tomatoes yet. We grew them in the raised beds which consisted of (bottom to top) rotting wood, leaf compost, soil, straw. Carrots aren't bothered by frost and actually grow sweeter in cool weather. It was a test to see how they would turn out. They were slow to grow but came out pretty sweet as far as carrots go. I've heard of people growing them under houses and only digging up what and when they needed some.
  14. I'm just trying to give you an arguing point lol
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