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Ask Ashley P!

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I know I got questions, and i'm sure you all will too. So let's just have a thread where we can ask @Ashley P anything! 


I'll start:

Dear @Ashley P,

When assembling brake caliper pistons, what type of lubricant should be used? I hear brake fluid is a no no.

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Dear Unlubed:

I don't know.   I slap on reman'd units and go.   When I assembled my wheel cylinders on The Deuce, I used silicone lube (to resist moisture/rust on the outside of the "cup".  (Drive through one muddy creek and that's all exposed.  Then it could sit for months/years.  Who's gonna pull 10 wheels to clean 20 wheel cylinders?)


Slick and shiny.



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House??   What house?

A tree fell crushing the corner of the Goat shed, narrowly missing (6 inches) the Goat and the dump truck cab.  It tore down the overhead wires to my shop and well pump.  I spent spare time for a couple weeks moving the tree and running a temp wire for water.

Me and the boys took out all remaining old sheet rock this winter.   Know how to get a ceiling down that has old fiberglass insulation on it?   Get into the attic with a water hose, wet it all really good, then kick it down.  Zero dust.  (Well, "nothing's perfect" in case the Caddy Machinist ever reads this.)

Carpenters have worked a few days for me getting several odds and ends done.  Leveled most all ceiling joists, reinstalled shower stall and sheet rocked that bath, opened up a closet wall for bifold doors, and started trimming the windows (interior).   I'm running behind....need to get a LOT of electrical and HVAC done so they can box around some stuff.

And lumber is higher now than during Covid.  😒

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IN a working system, the light should illuminate when key is on and engine off. If that don't happen, you know you have a problem. Then when engine starts and alternator is working, the light goes off. 

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Still stupid.

My electricians points ignition camaro ran well with new fuel hose and filter, until it lost spark.   I'm trying to get him to let me convert to HEI.  Looks like the cowl will need about 1/2" of "adjustment" for cap clearance.

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