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The P Goat

Ashley P

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The P 66 Goat that suffered a roof dent in 2017 (and hasn't been driven since) just got trailered to where we live now.  If we can wash off that many years of dirt, vacuum a few quarts of acorns out of the floorboards, and chase mice/squirrels/snakes out of it, we'll get it into the shop here and "tinker" with it.   

I'm gonna ignore the body work and try to 

  1. flush the bad gas
  2. clean the carb
  3. work the starter engagement
  4. fix the goofy misfire when the engine is hot
  5. swap on some tires that won't pop sitting there (date codes of 2009 right now)
  6. or
  7. just build a time machine and go back and avoid a lot of these problems....that might be easier
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Well, about 1 cup of Dawn was used to wash the car about 3 times.   My daughter said the car looks good.  I replied that if you let something get in TERRIBLE shape, then even BAD looks good.

Step 1:  flush the gas....it won't drain from an open fuel hose at the engine, not after blowing into the hose with air, nor after adding  a little diesel to help flush things.   So I'm hung on step 1.   Gotta take it apart near the tank I reckon.   Joy.  (I even stuck the air hose and a shop rag into the filler and pressurized the tank....no flow....even though the floor of the trunk bulged up a little.  😮  )

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I hung a gas can from the front bumper and fired the car up and drove two laps of the driveway.   Then the float stuck.   But it hasn't driven that much since....March '17.   Felt good to see/feel/smell the old car, the way it torques when reving, the way it takes bumps....took me back.

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