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The neighbor with the wrong campaign signs v2.0

Ashley P

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So a few weeks ago my neighbor with a Democrat for governor sign stopped me and asked if I was going solar.  When I said NO, he smiled and shook my hand.   A week later there was the informative meeting where brainwashed people presented the planned solar stuff.   A week later I caught my neighbor and asked if he was up for a solar discussion.   We talked for about 30 minutes.

I pointed out: 

  • subsidized farming (which makes me money) was being out priced by a factor of about 4 times.  So, where's that money come from? 
  • The first claim of the solar presentation was that KY needed more electricity because demand was 9% more than supply.   Why is supply low?  
  • Supply is lower because of decreased coal fired power.  (He said "it's like they think it's an emergency"...I said "Hold that thought."
  • Less power because of regulations/laws.
  • Who passed the laws?   (He answered "Tree huggers!"
  • The 30/30 initiative aims to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030....and Biden signed off on it in 2021.
  • Remember when you said "emergency"?   Well, since Biden signed it, I looked at the Democratic party platform.  Under climate info, the first sentence calls it a "climate emergency".   Look it up.

We talked for a while about whether elections would change things.  I said I don't know.  Then I railed against the Democrat gov for re-election 'cause he "ordered" people to not travel, "ordered" people to not go to church.....


But we had a long chat with plenty of laughter and comisseration.   

And as of right now he does not have that sign up anymore.

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