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Jeep autotragic failure, 2012

Ashley P

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2012 wrangler w/5 speed "NAG1" or "W5A580" Mercedes automatic trans.   Limp mode, p0753 "1-2 / 4-5 Solenoid circuit" fault.   Followed diag flow chart which is checking the wires and solenoid for resistance/shorts, all wires were good. Replace TCM.   Not fixed.

Retested.   Same results.  Switched "contact plate" (circuit board at valve body) as an educated guess. Truck shifted perfectly from 3 stops, then back to p0753.

Replaced the contact plate AGAIN.  Did not fix it at all. 


My hunch is that the code is generated from a shifting concern yet the code only covers the electrical side.  I'm up a creek....

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New hunch, the test for p0753 is GARBAGE.   It only tests the circuit for the 1-2/4-5 solenoid, and only gives possible failures of that circuit or the computer.   News flash to the fine folks who wrote that garbage, improper power supply can cause that code.   Thanks DiamlerChrylser.  (And the wiring diagrams have several wrong colors and some wrong terminal numbers. That's REALLY handy.)

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^ That last post was from an ignorant person.   Said person has bypassed that suspect wire and the code and all driveability symptoms are gone.   The test was inadequate to find whatever problem that wire had.

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