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3 hours ago, RaceAll said:

My wife and I are friends with a couple in Clarksville.  The husband was in AutoZone and saw it go down the road.


Tornadoes are so random!

Am I wrong to think we're getting more tornadoes nowadays?

Don't recall hearing about that many growing up.


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It seems there are more....but is that because the human population has increased to the point of noticing a higher percentage of occurrences?   I mean 50 years ago there were 1/10 as many homes on my road.   The two tornadoes that started about 6 miles from here in 2019 didn't tear up very many homes/barns, and 50 years ago most of those didn't exist.   Here's a tornado history map  but the map doesn't go back prior to 1950.


Or, maybe there are more.  Perhaps they are a sign of the "end times/judgement" that's going to get way worse before it gets better.

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