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6l80/90 shift issue exploration

Ashley P

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Yep! For high HP cars, the tune has to be spot on or they die fast.

If the TEHCM is bad, i.e., hesitating, slamming gears, or like mine and the TC solenoid locked the converter, it'll break the 6L's quick as well.

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My brother and I are kinda combining forces on this issue.  Yesterday he put in a new Trans Go TCC valve and Sonnax seal kit in a 6l80.   Said performance was good afterward. 

Sonnax does have lots of "fixes" for 6L80/90s, mostly in the valve body.

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My TQ Converter still feels like it's in lock-up.

I never had that TC issue until I swapped to the CTSV 6L90.

That said...

I gave Tim King all the parts I had to rebuild everything!

Hoping it doesn't do the same crap again and break because I'm so sick of trans problems!

Swear I'll sale it and move on to a new ZL1.







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