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1st Gen Camaro CPR

Ashley P

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Saturday I worked on a 68 Camaro, 350/4 speed.   The owner is 68 years old and parked the car in his attached garage in....... 2003.   At work we call him Tim Conway because he's got a little of that look and dry and sarcastic humor.  (He's also an electrician who can help me over my next house hurdle.  I've been trying to get him to trade labor with me and I took the initiative and just told him when I'd be there.)

Lately he'd installed a nice aluminum radiator, cleaned and painted the engine, and blew old gas out of the tank.  He had new parts: Edlebrock carb, hoses, plugs....but he lacked the motoivation.

I helped mount the fan shroud, got hoses on, put on the carb, got a donor battery on it and cranked it over to check for spark. It had none.  Diagnosed no continuity at the POINTS.  Points, kids, it has points!   I sanded them and got then working, added some fuel to the carb bowls and after 3 times of that it has oiled all rockers, and sounded smooth.  We blew some clean fuel through the tank and it came out looking respectable.  Time for more fuel hose and a filter.

He is so mild mannered that either hitting his finger with a hammer or winning the lottery would barely change his emotions, and he acted a little encouraged by the progress. That was BIG. 

Best news, his wife was motivated.  She said "time to $!&& or get off the pot!" meaning he needs to spend some money and finish it.



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