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Did some work in the yard today


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Put out 35 bags of black mulch.

We originally had a sort of red/brown mulch out there.

Not sure I like the black mulch yet. Going to see how it does with some age. Black to me usually looks old (faded) faster than what we had.

Also got new blades with mulching kit and the door thingy I can close off the grass with being installed at Kobota on the 15th. 

Regular blades seemed to just cut the grass and throw it out making the yard look crappy if I didn’t mow it frequently enough.

That happened last week because I got sick and then strained the muscle in my lower back. Yard didn’t get cut for 1.5 weeks and now 2 weeks later I still have tall brown grass clippings everywhere! 

I still need to trim everything, but this was all I could get done before work. Anyway, pics of mulch.







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