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In this thread, you will post about Wine and spirits 

A few days ago, I cam across some Jack Daniels Distillery Series which they only release once a year from what I was told.

Well, I can say without a doubt the Pecan is one of the best I’ve ever had!

If you are a person who drinks for flavor, this will not disappoint!



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I have over 60 bottles now. Lol

I've discovered some very good stuff. Only one real disappointment was Castle and Key. But they got bought out by a big name so I’m sure it’ll improve over time. 

Here are some of them 8392DF91-34B7-443F-A174-7F4CF99D70B1.thumb.jpeg.dd4503e6887ab1676ea8c4ed1ee0d722.jpeg






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On 4/17/2023 at 6:46 AM, mstrpth said:

You've gone off the deep end 😄

you trying to get on all the allocated bottles list?



On 4/22/2023 at 11:31 PM, Disney said:

I've heard about people going around and buying up the high end Bourbons for collections and didn't believe it. I do now! Lot of really nice unopened bottle you have there.


I have a lot of bottles; probably about about 70 now. 

Almost all opened except the ones I tried and really like that I went back and bought multiple extra bottles of.

I'm not trying to beat anyone on collecting allocated bottles and I paid way less for these bottles (mostly MSRP) than the idiots paying secondary market prices.

Fwiw... I just got in to whiskey maybe a couple months ago after not drinking at all since 2008 and I was never a big drinker of anything.

Bottles are new because I'm trying a lot of different stuff.

That said, I've discovered some real good stuff and a couple bottles of not so good stuff.

Stranahans Blue Peak Malt whiskey sucked. Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select Rye tasted like mold to me and my friend who is a well seasoned whisky and moonshine guy. 

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I don't have a sophisticated enough palate to enjoy anything other than mixed drinks. Thats probably a good thing 😄. However, the best tasting thing i've ever had was Louis cognac. I was shooting a wedding and they handed out shots. I was taught that day how to properly drink alcohol. You sip with your lips closed as to not release all the flavors at once.  



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Scored a Jack 10 year and man it’s way better than No.7. Much more rich!

Cant seem to get pictures uploaded as it keeps saying files are too large. I’ll work on that and see if I can increase the size limit! 


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30 minutes ago, mstrpth said:

Can't go wrong with an E.H. Taylor

The Stagg is Buffalo Trace as well. Batch 22B. Man, it’s delicious!

I have a few favorites in there. 

That Nashville Barrel Total Wine pick has a Hawaiian Punch / Cherry finish. Very good stuff.

The Stellum Comet Rising TW pick is very good too!

That Chattanooga Single Barrel Barrel Select is a special limited release and it’s the best I’ve had from their lineup. The one time a year release, Founders is a close second.

Lots of good discoveries I made just trying stuff and a friend giving me handshakes of some stuff.


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5 hours ago, Disney said:

Nice "I'm not a collector" starter pack! 😄


I went to Garrison Bro's in '21 They had the best distillery tour i've ever done, hands down. That alone is worth the trip.

Well, lets see your collection! 😉 

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