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Why to Homeschool 101

Ashley P

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I keep wondering what i'm missing with this new world. Where does any of it make sense? How is it that a panel of 7 people all agree that this is ok? 

IF my kids were in public schools, just teach them Math, Science, English, Geography, and FACTUAL History good and bad. Leave the rest to the parents. You would think that schools would want to stay out of the controversial world.  

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To judge something as perverted requires a standard.  That standard USED to be based on commonly understood Biblical values.    Society has rejected that standard and stands on NOTHING now.    I call it relativism.  And logic is dead also.....

....I talked face to face with a college psychology student.  After the "howya doin?"s, I just asked "So, how many genders are there?"

She said "Well, it depends on blah blah traditional or blah blah blah bs bs bs."

I said "So, could I be a woman?"

She said something like "You can be anything you believe."

I said "So...I believe I'm a dinosaur who's never wrong."

That went right over her indoctrinated head.


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On 8/10/2023 at 9:33 AM, Ashley P said:


Everyone needs to attend their local school board meetings... That said, these clowns in the school board meeting act like a bunch of dictators. Does she not know these are public meetings and they are public servants? And the one guy making over $237,000.00 a year, he needs a salary decrease.

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Regarding college....I'm not sure either.   What I've seen:  some people going to college are not even CLOSE to what I'd consider qualified or 9th grade.   (A girl from Chicago public schools = rites lyk this, goes to a college.)

An honest, hard working person can get a job almost anywhere right now.  I'm teaching my kids to be those things.

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