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Help me find a story

Ashley P

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Some time ago (few years?) there was an incident in W. KY involving  (I think) McCracken county deputies having some target practice in a gravel pit and their ricochets damaged a house.    I think the story has been erased from the nets.   Any advice for finding the story?

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I've tried that.

I've got a "new neighbor" who is employed with said dept.   He's already stated things that weren't true about the potential of me shooting a rifle ON MY OWN PROPERTY, yet he put a target on a tree and used it for pistol practice.   The tree is the corner marker OF HIS PROPERTY (so any miss would put bullets onto MY property.   So, I'd love to document prior stupidity.

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This is what I wanted.  Paducah police were possibly/probably responsible.




Article says it would take 3 weeks to know if those rifles fired the bullets.   Where are the results?

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So my LEO neighbor is buying/has bought the property of my deceased brother.  As executor for my mother's estate, I was tasked with dividing her land roughly along one side of said property.   That would have created funny angles or a practically useless small triangle.   The best solution was to alter the SHAPE of that property by shifting some/all of the lines HOWEVER he wanted, as long as that one line suited me. I started putting up a fence along the line that needed to me moved to show how goofy it's position is.   After about 5 or 6 times of explaining and practically begging him to help yet getting nothing from him, I moved on and had the survey done creating complicated lines, and trading some land with my brother at a ratio of 1:1.5.   So it cost me.

I then put up the rest of the fence.   Then the farmer came to farm and couldn't access his property because of the fence.    Neighbor stops and asks if I'd put up a gate so the farmer can access his land.

I didn't cuss.  I didn't yell.  But my BP was about 400/300, and I told him he had PLENTY of chances, and I pointed out his easement to him.

Since I was ranting, I told him that what he said about me shooting on my property doesn't make sense considering he shot using a tree in the corner of his property as a backstop. I asked him "Kinda hypocritical isn't it?"

Have you got goofy neighbors that wear badges?   It's wonderful.

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9 hours ago, Ashley P said:


The whole world is goofy now.....

Been through so many stupid situations in my life....

Most recent....

I was denied entry to get breast milk from my wife to bring home to our newborn from VUMC ER because I had my CCW and was off duty.

VUMC supervisors swore I could only carry on duty.

They willfully refused to read TCA 39-17-1350 and TN AG Opinion 18-22 when I presented it to them.

If you read TN AG Opinion 18-22 and the TCA 39-17-1350, I am clearly allowed to CC in any hospital "on duty or off duty regardless of duty hours or assignments.

Exceptions are listed in part (c).

The two VUMC supervisors swore their policy and private property rights supersede the law. 🙄

AG 18-22 https://www.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/attorneygeneral/documents/ops/2018/op18-22.pdf

TCA 39-17-1350

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