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modified MAF sensor

Ashley P

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Anybody ever modified a MAF on a Mitsubishi (or anything)?    I've fixed an intermittent dying on stops by replacing the MAF.   However, now it generates lean codes.   Fuel trims are about 12% long, and often over 23% short.    All input data looks accurate.   Fuel pressure is perfect.   Thus....

I believe the aftermarket MAF is not accurate.  Multiple replacements are the same.   OEM is unavailable.   I'd love to "adjust" the MAF until fuel trims are close to 0.   Any ideas?

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That style of MAF cannot be "adjusted" to increase the airflow signal. If you're reading +LT and STFT then you would need the MAF to see more air. Impossible todo with that style of MAF. Checkthe fuel pressure to make sure it's in spec.

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Well, that would be the hard way.    I simply applied some tape across a section of the MAF screen to block about 15% of the area.   The sensing wire is away from that area and will see a greater percentage of incoming air.

Now the STFT ranges from -5% to 15%.   Before it was about 15% to 24%. 

During open loop WOT, does the ECU use the MAF?

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