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Solar company money sources?

Ashley P

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If the solar company BrightNight is promising to lease crop land at a rate about 4 times what a farmer will pay, where is that money coming from?   Farming is subsidized by the gov, how can solar beat it by quadruple?



My theory is that electric power companies are mandated to use X% "clean" energy and are then contracting with solar companies to provide that.   So, electric rates for all with increase.   True, or not?  Proof?

There is a community meeting in two days and I think the community is going to try to rally together to pass zoning regs to tell landowners what they can do on their own property.  I'm against dozing trees and crops for solar panels, but I'm more against communism.   Help.

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BrightNight got $500,000,000 from https://www.global-infra.com/portfolio/industry/energy-renewables-power/



Read the following copied from the above link:

BrightNight's mission is to provide next generation power solutions by combining multiple renewable technologies and thereby enabling its customers to accomplish deeper decarbonization of their generation portfolio. The company's development pipeline utilizes hybridized solutions across the U.S. with a diverse set of resources, including solar and storage, as its center piece capability


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I went to a meeting for Brightnight to promote/inform the community of the project.    Bias is a strong force.   

Car guys need to beware the word "decarbonizaton".   If major power companies are aiming for "net zero" by 2050, then our gasolne days are also numbered.  Chicken Little FTW.

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Oh, fun fact, the solar company offered to lease all my land.   I was puzzled because creeks and wooded areas take up 3/7ths of the land.   I pointed that out, he said they'd "take out" the trees.    I don't know how many trees that is, but about 25 acres worth.

Solar farms are NOT about the environment.

They are NOT about lower electric costs.

They are taking food OFF the shelves/table.


This stuff is driven by federally mandated decarbonization of electric production.    It's bad.

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