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Photography classes


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Anyone here taken any photography classes in the Mid TN area? Myself and several of my coworkers all use DSLR cameras, and frankly none of us know how to use them. I always take a point and shoot with me to my inspections to make sure I get the shots I need since I frequently foul them up with the DLSR. Myself and other use Canon and the other two use Nikons FWIW. 

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To be honest, I wouldn't bother unless you want to be real creative and do some kind of artsy stuff.

The iPhone is the best P&S I've ever used and makes me feel the DLSR is a dinosaur waiting for it's eternal death.

Fwiw, I use the iPhone 13 Pro Max 1TB.

That said, I love photography.

I used to carry a large backpack full of Nikon lenses,  tripod and all.

But I just can't drag myself to carry all that larger, heavier equipment, to do what a iPhone will do right out of my pocket on the fly.

Now if you must do it with a DSLR manually, you have a few main areas for exposure -- excluding the flash.

Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed

Aperture: Smaller the number the more light you can get to the sensor.


F1.2 -- O

F8 - o

But also, that affects the depth of focus according to distance from the subject. It's called "Bokeh". 

ISO: The higher the number, the more amplified the sensor is thus the more light the sensor can get in and the faster the shutter speed you can have. The side effect is the more ISO the more Noise (fuzzy) the image will be. Now technology has advanced, so most cameras now can shoot really high ISO without too much noise.

Shutter speed. The slower the speed, the more light you can get in and the faster shutter speed the less light you can get in. So if you have to go too slow, like night photography, you will need a tripod as you won't be steady enough to keep the image from having blur from your shaky hands. 

I would leave White Balance on auto unless you are shooting creatively and need to nail perfect color in a odd or bad lighting situation. 

That said, it takes a combination of the above to get good photos.

I don't really have time to explain much more today, but once you get the core basics understood, it's really easy.

Whatever you mess up, if it's not too bad, can be corrected in Photoshop. 

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My current camera is a Canon 80D. I may have budget to get a new body this year though. I can probably make the case based of of shutter count if needed. BUt I can probably get better photos if I just knew more about hwo to use it. I'll take some of the info JohnC provided and see what I can produce.

Unfortunately, I can't post process my photos since they are/can be used in legal proceedings. Altering originals can get us in serious trouble, so I have to get the best raw images possible. 

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I can meet you in Nashville one day if you want. I know my way around a canon pretty well. 

Phone cameras are great for what they are. They look great on a phone screen. Any larger and the truth comes out. 

A pic of your kid at walmart, awesome, use the phone. A once in a lifetime shot or a family pic thats going on the wall? Use a real camera.

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