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Tractors: 1973 vs 1985

Ashley P

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There is a 1985ish  AGCO RT135 here at work.   I noticed it's got a 6.7 Cummins with a mechanical injection pump driven from the flywheel, not timing cover.   Here's tractordata info for the AGCO RT135.

Interesting (to me) the drawbar pull measures 108 hp and uses 9.2 gallons of diesel per hr, while the Allis Chalmers 7030 from 1973 measures 110 hp and uses 8.5 g/hr.

Why is the newer tractor less efficient?   Lot's of variables, but what got me attention is the AGCO is AWD and uses a CVT.   CVT works by using a hydraulic motor to control the RPM of a ring gear on a planetary gearset.    I wonder how efficient that is compared to the 1973 5 speed manual gearbox....hmm.



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