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Electric cars, ect

Ashley P

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To you city slickers usin' 'lectic cars.....let's have a discussion 'bout the future.


Ya'll want to drive electric cars.    How much power does that take for Nashville's cars to swap to electric?   The other concern, "the left" is in favor of no fossil fuels and all renewable energy, including solar.   I've got a "salesman" leaving me messages wanting to talk about putting solar panels on my farm.   No more target shooting?   No more food from my farm? 

What if all farms just make electricity so your electric car can drive to the empty grocery store?  

The current (pun intended) logic will lead to doom for the USofA.

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Edit to add:  John, you said it's about "the bottom line, not politics".  I see your point, but political junk is driving this electric surge.   I'll bet $1000 there is government money behind the people wanting to rent/lease farmland (for solar panels) for about 8 times more than competitive farmers pay.  There are farm subsidies being fought by solar subsidies.  Solar has a HUGE $$$$ advantage, it seems.

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I can’t answer most of your questions. I am a fan of technology and advancement not politics. At this point I don’t have any use for either side. Hydrogen fuel cells may win out eventually but EVs are here for now and probably for a good while. 

The problem that I have seen first hand with solar and farming in general is the landowners kids have no interest in continuing to farm. This particular individual saw it as a way ultimately preserve his land and still get paid. He was leasing for 50 years but will own the land. This was in East TN. How do you farm when no one who wants to be a farmer?

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I'm a "fan of technology" if said tech doesn't make the user dependent upon it.   I've oversimplified the "green left" and "smog right", but subsidies are political and are driving (another pun) some of the electric car/solar panel stuff.

There will be someone who wants to farm, well, at least row crop.   Dairy is another story.  Cows are needy compared to corn/beans.

Please don't tune out of the political realm.   And if you eat, be aware that current politics taken to the extreme would result inlots of electricity when the sun is shining, and very little food.  I'm not a big producer, about 846,300,000 calories of corn.  At 2000 calories/person/day, that'll feed 423,150 people for a day.

I guess if I go solar you can get about 1/2 of Nashville to fast for a day and nobody will notice.

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My worthless 2 cents. 

Automakers love electric cars because the simplicity of them makes them hugely profitable (or will). Less material cost, less labor etc. We are already paying stupid high prices so this to me is a no brainer for the auto industry. 

BTW, I’ve tried arguing the non-panacea that these are even with the likes of Johnny Lieberman. You will not win this argument as they have drank the from the nectar of the progressive nutsak. That said, the challenge is the rare earths and extensive additional use of petroleum products required to make said batteries. 

im not shitting on electric cars as I have said all along, when I can fill one up with the same convenience as I can a ICE vehicle I will be in. The power is amazing, the ability to alter and change platforms is also cool. But no way would I want to sit and wait for a charger to be available on a road trip let alone the wait for the charging. 

the zealots will say, ( well most of us charge at home so blah!) Fine, but many don’t and if you use a truck like a truck you ain’t getting far. 

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