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Quick little F'er.


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I am in love with the B58 engine in my Z4. I was honestly surprised how quick it is. Once it was available (after break in), I tried launch control. Damn! So I go to our local 1/8th mile in Knoxville. Car is completely stock on Michillin super sports. It went 7.80 at 94 in the 1/8 with a 1.9 60'. Ran several more times and it pretty much was in the 7.80's all passes.

Went to Crossville. 7.9 at 92. Was much warmer out. Still, could not believe how quick this little car is.

These are way under rated and looks like BMW is using whp vs crank to rate them. No way this is 382 at the crank. And because I cant leave anything alone I have an MTS intake and JB4 to go on it once my tools are available. plan charge pipes and a catted down pipe too. I think it could get into the 11's with out much problem on its stock tires.



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You can't over look how much more efficient the trans are in the new cars.

Auto's are faster than manuals. Never thought that would happen. The days of auto to manual swaps are over!

Like the 6th gen Camaro test, a pro stock manually shifted drag car, the driver couldn't run faster than a female magazine editor in a A6 SS vs his M6 stock vs stock.

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You are so correct. The transmission is wicked good. Snaps off shifts in milliseconds. Still, did not expect the performance. It has a “adaptive” feature that pretty much means voodoo is is play and little fairies are reading my mind and the road to ensure the car is always in the proper operating nominal zen.

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I'd love to put my manual up against new 8 or 10 speed autos.  Maybe some day.  

Regarding computers vs manual. inputs....this week I was "run off the road" by a chevy truck which came out from behind a vehicle and into my lane right in front of me.  I had time to flash the headlights twice, but by the second flash my brain knew that our trajectories would collide and I was steering off the road and calculating how bad the ditch then embankment would tear up the car, but there were no trees, abutments, or poles to hit so it was the better option.  I heard my tires squealing from the combination of (about) 85% braking and 95% right turn (I was probably dragging the right rear).  But as the right front tire was about 2" off the road, I was recalculating trajectories....the Chevy was straightening up (1/2 in my lane) and we'd clear if I could stay 1/2 on the road.  So I went hard left.  The back end whipped around and and I was steering right as we met.  Probably a foot between us.  My left rear was probably the squeal I heard.  So we missed.

I'm not typing 1/10 of what my brain processed or my body did.   I'm no Mario Andretti, and I know that good stabiltiy control would have helped me not skid those rear tires as the body rolled.   But I don't trust a thousand smart engineers to build a car to automatically do what I did.

Same thing with manually controlling spinning tires on launch.  And not spinning too bad on a quick upshift.  A car is a lot like a musical instrument.  IF you have "the ear",  and learn the instrument, it makes wonderful music.

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