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Ever rode a motorcycle in a hail storm?

I did tonight.

Very light rain turned to hail and then just stopped all in about 5 minutes. 

Stings a bit.

I had red spots all over my chest and arms where it hit. LOL

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16 hours ago, Ashley P said:

What's up John C?    How's the fam?  

Ehh, just working a lot.

GoDaddy hosed the update and move to the new server, so I had to start fresh unfortunately.

Family is doing great.

My daughter will be 2 on July 9th.

Hows your family?


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I'm glad you guys are great.  2 years old....like when the nitrous hits suddenly and overpowers the car and makes it hard to handle.  Fun times!  😄 

We're fine.  Lots of irons in the fire lately, feels like I'm spinning tires and barely moving. 

Car related:  A tree fell and munched the corner of the metal shed where the Goat is stored.   The car got a couple more scratches out of it.  But I've never fixed the crushed roof, so no big deal at all.

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I did the math on that 93 Cobra.

In 1993, a Troy ounce of Gold was $360.

Today it is 1,883.85 a Troy ounce.

So if the owner of the Cobra bought gold instead of the car, $20k in gold at $360 an ounce is 55.55 ounces in 1993.

Today, that gold would be worth almost $105,000.00, so selling at $75k (the current bid) the owner is actually losing money.

What say you? 

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Gas prices are so high now I’m planning on a new Lightning truck.

I’d say we’re 6 months to a year out on it.

If I did the math right a few months back, a 300 mile charge is about $15?

With what I spend on gas and oil changes, I’d actually save a little money monthly and gain a vehicle in the process. 

It’s a no brainer!

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